Resources for harp students and teachers:

Harp Column Academy: Jaymee Haefner’s Teaching Studio

University of North Texas harp studio

UNT Summer Harp masterclass for all ages and levels


Recent presentations and lectures:

Texas Music Educators Association, San Antonio, Texas: “Maximize your investment in practice time”

American Harp Society National Summer Institute,  Northfield, Minnesota: “Cross Training for Harpists”

Greater Houston chapter of the American Harp Society: “The Life and Work of Henriette Renié.”

Frisco ISD harp program, Frisco, Texas: “Practice Efficiency and the Harp.”

12th World Harp Congress, Sydney, Australia: “Tonal and Jazz Theory at the Harp.”

American Harp Society 41st National Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana: “Unlocking the Puzzle Between the Notes.”

American Harp Society Summer Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah: “Virtuoso, Composer, and Teacher:  Henriette Renié’s Works for Harp.”

Texas Orchestra Directors Association, San Antonio, Texas: “Maximizing Success for the Orchestral Harpist.”

Presentation for World Harp Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: “The Life and Work of Henriette Renié.”